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SIERRA INSTRUMENTS / USA >>> Mass and volumetric vortex flowmeters, insertion and inline thermal mass flowmeters, portable and inline ultrasonic flowmeters
BROOKS INSTRUMENT/ USA >>> Variable area flowmeters, scientific type thermal mass flowmeters and controllers (complete program)
RHEONIK / GERMANY >>> Coriolis mass flowmeters
M&T METERING & TECHNOLOGY / FRANCE >>> High-end flow meters dedicated to liquid hydrocarbon fiscal measurement
PRECISION SENSORS – DIVISION OF UNITED ELECTRIC CONTROLS / USA >>> Military and aerospace switches and sensors
KLAY / THE NETHERLANDS >>> Smart digital pressure and differential pressure transmitters
INOR / SWEDEN >>> Temperature transmitters and elements
IDE TECHNOLOGIES / ISRAEL >>> Production and start-up of sea water desalination plants by MED (multi effect distillation) and MVC (mechanical vapor compression) technologies, reverse osmosis and water treatment plants
CONTROL AIR / USA >>> Pressure converters and regulators
RUEGER / SWITZERLAND >>> Pressure and temperature gauges, temperature elements
BEKA / UK >>> Ex-proof indicators and controllers